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Illustration et phot Manon Williot

Hey, I'm Manon !

Hey, I’m Manon ! Currently a student at La Rochelle's university in webdesign and integration, I’m interested by the professions in the field of visual communication and digital technologies. I’m particularly attracted by graphic design, I wish to specialize in this area. Curious, meticulous, creative, and passionate about photography and art, I like to bring a special and detailed care to my works. Discover my world !



Graphic design

Passionate drawing above all, I was able to enhance my artistic skills thanks to my high school training (major in applied arts and design). It’s essential to me to create attractive communication media, and my current educational background has allowed me to develop this aspect. My favorite softwares are Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.



I’ve become very skilled in managing projects thanks to my major in communication, and I’m now able to produce competitive analysis and strategic audit for example. Moreover, I was able to enrich my written expression as part of the UIT's newspaper, and thus to develop my editorial skills.


Web conception

In this day and age, when the web is omnipresent, I had the chance to acquire skills in integration and multimedia development. This technological culture allow me to make responsive websites in HTML5 / CSS3 languages, or manipulating the well-known CMS Wordpress.

my tools

Adobe suite

CMS Wordpress


HTML5 language

CSS3 language


bureau ordinateur

From creating visual identity to website mock-up designing, by way of writing and photography, discover diverse works I made during my educational background and my personal time.